About us

Who we are

A shipping company’s best friend

Seaxl Marine Software develops inexpensive and practical management reporting software designed specifically for the needs of shipping companies.

Our background

Understanding shipping from within

Our experience of the marine industry stretches back over 40 years, and encompasses all areas of the company environment: accounting and finance, crewing, technical, operations and freight collection, legal and secretarial, chartering and organisation.

Using our hands-on experience of how the information process should flow through any complex shipping company environment we have creatively designed and implemented marine management tools and information reporting systems to meet any shipping company’s needs, both ashore and onboard the ships.

Our Mission

Increase productivity and manage costs with user-friendly solutions

We strive to use our industry expertise to help shipping companies control their management and finances effectively, seamlessly and simply.

Our products

Ready-to-use tools tailored for shipping

We understand that in a busy, complex shipping environment you need software that works for you, that your staff will take to naturally, that won’t create extra work.

Our out-of-the-box, turnkey software offers shipping companies the building blocks for:

  • greater efficiency and accuracy in operations
  • a seamless working environment across departments
  • better communication between staff working for a shared goal and understanding


Clarity and control

We want you to Hit the Ground Running. Our tools manage the complexity of shipping but keep it simple for you the client enabling you to quickly and effortlessly gain a clear vision and tight control over costs and operations.

What makes us different?

Value for money

Great productivity for just a fraction of your IT budget

Upfront pricing

One-off fee, one license per computer, unlimited users. No hidden charges, no ongoing costs.

Tried and tested

Software that's been developed and tested within shipping companies and has proven its success again and again

Keeping it simple

Buy online, download instantly. Install in a few clicks. Up and running in minutes.

Software that works for you

We've worked in shipping companies for over 40 years, we know what works and what doesn't.


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