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This page has general FAQs about our software and using our site.

For FAQs on specific software modules, you should read the FAQ pages of each module:

If you have already purchased one of the above modules and have more specific questions about its use, you should check our support forums where more detailed FAQs are posted for each module.

About our software

Yes this will be released within the next 3 months for all our suite of products.

The programs are developed for Windows based environment. Unfortunately they will not work on a Mac.

Any bugs encountered will be corrected by releasing new versions of the software, in parallel to the Microsoft Excel versions. So long as you have purchased a legal copy of the software and this has been activated for use on a specific machine the new updates will be free and you will be able to download these to your specific machine. New versions for each Microsoft Excel release will have to be purchased again. For example, to move from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 you will need to purchase a new copy of the software.

You will need a connection to the internet to download the program and to activate it. Thereafter there is no need for an internet connection. Of course if you have software on board the ships, such as the Masters General Account/Portage Bill it is advantageous to have an internet connection so that you can send data files, libraries and wage scales between the ship and the office. Data files are very small and the transfer rate is fast and cheap to operate.

Buying software on

All payments are made through RBS WorldPay for credit cards and through our Internet Transaction Account at the Royal Bank of Scotland. We will accept any currency so long as the exchange rates applied for the remittance will equate to the Euro equivalent of the product, less any applicable discounts. All bank charges and any other costs are for the account of the purchaser.

You can pay through RBS WorldPay using your credit card if you have Visa or Mastercard. You can pay through our Internet Transaction Account at the Royal Bank of Scotland and through PayPal. Other credit card facilities will be added in the near future.

Seaxl has to protect its interests from illegal distribution of its software and helps ensure that you have a genuine copy of the software. This is done through the activation of each program for use on a specific machine. Trial versions of specific programs are not available at present.


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