Affordable, Intelligent Solutions for your Maritime Operations

Why Seaxl Marine Software?

  • Anyone can use it
    Anyone with a basic knowledge of Excel© can use our software.No extra training needed.
  • Set up in minutes
    Set up our software in a few clicks, no I.T expertise needed.
  • Reasonable and transparent pricing
    Pay your one-off license, download and install. That’s it.
  • Instant results
    Whether they deal with payroll, administration, budgeting or management, all our tools are designed to improve performance and efficiency, giving you instant results.
  • Made for shipping people by shipping people
    With over 40 years experience, we understand the ins and outs of a shipping company better than most. Our tools will vastly improve your business – in practice and not just in theory.

Our Suite of Software

Seaxl Marine Software: Invest in Ships. Only EUR 1,750

The Most Powerful Shipping Investment Tool - FREE 14 DAY TRIAL

  • Designed for anyone involved in shipping deals and will assist many segments of the shipping market including shipowners, managers, financiers, bankers, shipbrokers, shipyards, shipping project developers and investors alike
  • Assess any shipping project quickly, with multiple options and minimum fuss
  • 3 unique modes for the appraisal and analysis of any type of shipping project
Seaxl Marine Software: CashFlow Only EUR 2,250

Instant Up-to Date Cash Overview of Your Cash Position

  • Gives you the power to evaluate the impact of your daily decisions on your business
  • Assess present and future performance with this simple, easy-to-use tool
  • Adjust past periods with actual amounts - Factor in daily decisions - Stay on track.
Seaxl Marine Software: Ships Budgets Only EUR 1,500

Ship Budgeting Software for Accurate Fleet Budgets

  • A highly intelligent software to compile consistent and professional fleet budgets with no fuss, minimal workload and immediate results
  • Project and keep a tight control on your operation
  • Analyse ship performance - Control your costs - Improve efficiency on your ships
Seaxl Marine Software: Masters General Account (Portage Bill) Only EUR 1,750

The World’s Pioneering Masters General Account Software

  • A simple system for preparing Masters General Accounts cash accounting, administration and payroll
  • A time-saving, efficient tool for your Masters to prepare their portage bills with no stress
  • Superfast data link transfer between Ship & Office with Unique Seaxl Import/Export Utility. Save time – Save Money
Seaxl Marine Software: Company Secretary Only EUR 1,375

The Simplest Way to Keep Track of Your Companies

  • Track your companies, legal records, documentation and activity with one simple and effective administration system
  • Consistent, accurate records of each company, its legal history, documentation and status
  • Records all Statutory Documents, Minutes of Meetings, Activities and Investments, Mortgages and Charges, Bank Mandates and much more for each company within your Group.
Seaxl Marine Software: The Ship Only EUR 1,250

Detailed History of Each Ship from Purchase to Sale

  • Minutely detailed and easy to understand financial history of each ship and your group sale and everything in between
  • Record and keep track of every moment in a ship's history with your company
  • A number of calculations to assess each ship’s status, financial value, profit & loss, etc.

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