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Check out any ship deal instantly with “Back of a Cigarette pack” calculation.

Data relating to the purchase / finance / operation / major repairs / surveys / employment of any ship deal, are entered on a single - easy to complete Data Input Sheet, which can provide an instant evaluation showing whether the deal is worthwhile pursuing or not.

Flow into a more detailed assessment with friendly industry related interface.

Just click your mouse to transfer data from QnD. Get more detailed evaluation of any shipping deal and detailed breakdown of Employment / Operating Costs plus Escalation / Dockings and Special Surveys by specific dates plus Escalation / Depreciation / Multiple Loans / Multiple periodic Interest Rates / Loan Pre-paymentsplus many more features.

Consolidation for any number of ships.

Invest in Ships allows consolidation for any number of ships whether already included in your current trading fleet or projected second hand purchases or deliveries of newbuildings. Any multiple form of consolidation is available by ship type / ship age / finance group / partnership / operating year / bank etc. Weigh how different scenarios will play out on your current fleet.  

This becomes very easy. Simply edit any entry or change any date with instant calculation.

Apply by a simple click of the mouse automatic break-even time charter rates on non-fixed periods or on all periods.  The combination of what if scenarios are endless. Most important of all, it is done simply and quickly on a friendly easy to use interface.


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Set up instructions
  • Licenses
    Licenses are issued on a per machine basis.
  • Office-based set-up
    You may download your software onto your office network and users may have access to the software via your in-house intranet as a client-server set-up. Using the Seaxl® Import/Export Utility all data by default will be stored on the office server in two separate locations as a Microsoft® Excel® file and as a Microsoft® Access® data file for consolidations.
  • Ship-based set-up
    Some software modules, such as Master General Account, are designed to be used on board ships, as well as in the office. A separate license is required for each ship that will run the software.
  • Installation and activation requirements
    Once you have purchased your software, you will receive an email containing your license numbers, username and passwords for activation. You will need these and an internet connection to activate your software. The software set-up programme can be downloaded onto any computer, but must be installed and activated on the computer that will run the software.

How many projects can I Consolidate at once?

You can consolidate as many projects as you like simultaneously. All projects in the Advanced Module are exported to two separate files. One is in Excel and the other is in Access which is used as a back-end database. Consolidations are by selection in the Consolidation Reports/Options section where you can combine ship types, ship size, ship age etc.

What options do I have in the consolidation section?

So long as a project has been exported and loaded onto the Consolidation Module you have a combination of many options in a matrix. This can be by ship type or by specific lending bank or by DWT or year of build or a combination of any two or three of these. You can also combine dummy projects which can become actuals if the deals are completed. The combinations are endless.

How can I edit existing projects in the Advanced Module without having to rewrite all data?

Simply select and import the project and edit any part you want. To Import the project click on the Import Project in the Vessel Details/Project Specifications Menu Bar. This will automatically direct you to where all the Advanced Projects are stored. Select the project and click on Open. Once the project is loaded you can play around with any of your initial inputs and make whatever amendments and what if? scenarios you wish. If you want to save the changes simply click on Export Project.

How many different types of loan are available?

There are in any single project two types of loans or two separate loans that can be used. These are an annuity based loan and a standard equal instalments loan. To combine these loans simply select a Yes or a No (Include/Omit) from Advanced Loan 1 or 2 Modules. You can combine or deselect any one loan therefore you can assess two separate scenarios and see what works best for the project. In consolidation however you can have many loans combined from different banks within the fleet. In this instance you can combine as many loans as there are in the fleet.

How easy is it to navigate and use the program?

This is the simplest of programs to use and navigate. There is a Main Menu from where you can navigate to any report or data input area and return to the Main Menu in a similar manner. There are also specifically related Navigation Panes for each of the three main modules; Quick and Dirty (QnD), Advanced Module and Consolidation Module. Selecting the related Navigation Pane you will be able to navigate only to the related areas and therefore be able to make adjustments and view results immediately.

If decide to sell a ship before the termination of the loan can I see effect and what I may be saving in interest costs?

This is very simple. All you need to do is change the term of the loan and the sale date of the ship. With these two very simple changes the whole project can be assessed from a completely different view point. You should also make adjustments to the Employment of the ship if you wish to terminate the whole project.

These type of what if? scenarios are very fast and simple with Invest in Ships® program.

You call this module Quick and Dirty but how accurate is it?

You have to try it out for yourself. It is very accurate and extremely fast. With a few clicks you can obtain a very quick assessment as to whether the deal is worth further investigation. It is a back of a cigarette pack calculation but a lot more accurate than this old and tested method. Build dummy project templates and have them ready for loading. Load any one and edit required data. You will have results while your broker is filling you in on the details.

System requirements

Microsoft® Office® 2007 to 2013 (32 bit only)

Seaxl version number: 1411

System requirements for running Seaxl Invest in Ships v.1411

  • Microsoft® Office 2007 το 2013 (32 bit only)
  • Windows XP or later (recommended Windows® 7 or later)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 14MB available disk space
  • Minimum display resolution 1064 x 768 (recommended resolution: 1600 x 900)


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