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Assess where you're heading on a daily basis with a simple, easy-to-use tool

Seaxl Marine Software CashFlow

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Seaxl CashFlow

Cashflow management software for the shipping industry


For confident decision-making in volatile markets

You have capital commitments in your new building projects, you buy and sell ships, you need to drydock and finance the fleet, you need to inject equity...

Seaxl CashFlow gives you the power to evaluate the impact of your daily decisions on your business..

Assess present and future performance

With Seaxl CashFlow you access a complete and accurate picture of your cash position day-by-day, showing you how you will perform going forward.

Reliable cash forecasts with up-to-date figures

Adjust past periods with actual amounts. Factor in daily decisions. Stay on track.

Up and running in minutes

Seaxl CashFlow runs on the widely-used Microsoft© Excel© platform and requires no accounting knowledge or specific training to implement and use.

TC rates, OPEX, Surveys... all bases covered

Seaxl CashFlow factors in all information essential to any maritime company: TC rates, TC dates, commissions, OPEX, off hire and due dates, surveys, purchase and sale of ships, newbuilding projects, financing and repayments, real estate purchases etc.

Seaxl CashFlow gives you:

  • Your up-to-the-minute cash position
  • Scenario analyis
  • Tailored PDF cash flow reports
  • Accurate cash projections
  • A tool designed for non-accountants


Create customised reports

Filter datasheets to your requirements and build tailored PDF reports.

Pre-designed reports ready to use

Our reports help you not just to read your cash-flows, but to actually visualise them. Chose from:

  • CashFlow Current and Cumulative – Surplus/Deficits by specified dates at your discretion
  • CashFlow Operations – Inflow of Cash Revenues against Operating Costs
  • Cash Outflow – Capital Costs
  • Cash Outflow – Finance with trend line

Scenario analysis at your fingertips

Amend and project rates and values; correct actual results for past and closed periods; get a precise picture of where you stand under current market conditions; assess the impact of your decisions.

Cash flow projections are often complicated by freight and S & P market volatility, and the combination of your fleet and impact of obligations (surveys, finance etc) but Seaxl CashFlow does the hard work for you.

Date manipulation for continuous reports

Adjust the dates when your revenues are received or when your obligations are to be met, or amend your terms of payment, and Seaxl CashFlow will instantly project the status of your cash for any given period. Manipulate dates for instant short, medium and long term cash flow projections.

Fleet Consolidation

Include or omit from consolidation and calculation any ship or company. Seaxl CashFlow updates the overall Cash Flow Report calculation and visual display reports. To re-include omitted ships simply change their status back to “Yes”.

Customisable and pre-loaded libraries

Select your ship and other shipping related terms from the drop-down lists and minimise errors and typing.

Pre-formatted, secured Datasheets

Datasheets laid out to shipping industry standard formats. All you have to do is input data.

Formulas and formats are protected ensuring all staff use consistent methodology.

  • Time Charter
  • Operating Costs
  • Newbuilding Projects
  • Voyage Charter
  • Bunkers
  • Sale and Purchase of ships
  • Bareboat Charters
  • Voyage Costs
  • Repurchase options
  • Chartered in ships
  • Survey Costs
  • Real Estate
  • Fleet/Group Database
  • Sellers Credits
  • Financing

Why is our software so easy to use?

  • No special training
    All our software runs on Microsoft© Excel©, so all your staff can use it out of the box
  • Marine industry standards
    Our software is laid out and written with formats and terminology familiar to anyone working in shipping
  • You can't go wrong
    Data validation checks ensure every data entry is valid; Drop down lists ensure you're selecting valid data
  • Automatic file naming/location
    Files are named and located for you, so you don't waste any time looking for the right file to open
  • Help is always at hand
    Our clear, well-written Help and User Guide is just one click away



Getting started

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Initialisation

Overview of cash flow projections with period and cumulative cash surplus/deficit

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Projections

Revenues from vessels on time charter

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Time Charter

Loan repayments by vessel

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Loans

Keep track of newbuildings costs

Seaxl Marine Management Software - New Buildings

Visualise your cash flow operations

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Operations

Visualise your cash position

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Surplus / Deficit

Easy-to-use interface, validation checks prevent errors and data corruption

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Ease of use


What makes Seaxl CashFlow different?

Seaxl software is uniquely user-friendly, effective and powerful. You can download and install it in just a few clicks. Your staff can use it with no special training. It is designed especially for shipping companies and gives you the power to control your cash flow and make quick decisions.

Who needs Seaxl CashFlow?

In short, anyone working on the finance and accounting side of the shipping industry.

Seaxl CashFlow shows you all cash surpluses and deficits and when they will occur. For this reason it is indispensable for any ship owning company and all ship owners.

It is also extremely useful for CFO’s or Chief Accountants or anyone working within the ship finance industry, banks and other similar institutions. 

Do I have to be a computer whizz kid to use Seaxl CashFlow?

Absolutely not! Anyone who has basic knowledge of how to use Microsoft© Excel© and knowledge of the shipping industry can learn to use and apply this very powerful tool in no time at all. We’re obsessive about making our software easy to use and Seaxl CashFlow has been designed with the user in mind. It is laid out in a format anyone working in the shipping industry will already be familiar with.

Can I delegate work with confidence to staff?

The ingenious Import/Export Utility which is unique to Seaxl Marine Software and the pre-designed shipping-related Datasheets mean you can confidently delegate sections of Seaxl CashFlow compilation to members of your team and be sure to receive accurate, consistent results. With positive delegation you can build team spirit and put your time to better use.

What can I do with Seaxl CashFlow?

You can build detailed short, medium or long term Cash Flow Projects for your whole fleet and capital projects be they shipping related, real estate, investments, subsidiaries, etc. 

You can consolidate at will any part of your fleet, groups of ships, and companies in a variety of ways. 

As different financial periods are closed off you can go back and easily amend your initial projections to actual values and amend current market conditions going forward at any time.

In volatile shipping markets this makes for a very powerful and indispensable tool.

How easy is it to learn?

If you already have basic knowledge of Microsoft© Excel© you are home and dry and your time investment is zero. With the very clear and detailed Help and User Guide attached to each Seaxl Marine Software if you get stuck and need clarification simply click on the Help button on the Main Navigation Menu.

How easy is it to prepare specific reports?

Each Datasheet functions as a stand-alone report but can also generate several specific reports, such as reports filtered by ship, group of ships, by type and age, by financial group, by specific dates and much more. Select your criteria, filter as necessary and reports are prepared for you automatically.

Are the formulas and calculations secured?

All formula calculating cells are protected so your reports remain intact. Your calculations and presentations are based on a consistent, secure Seaxl CashFlow model.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Office® 2007 to 2010 (32 bit only)

Seaxl version number: 1401

System requirements for running Seaxl CashFlow v.1401

  • Microsoft© Excel© 2007-2010 (32 bit only)
  • Windows XP or later (recommended Windows® 7 or later)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 10MB available disk space
  • Minimum display resolution 1064 x 768 (recommended resolution: 1600 x 900)

Pricing and Licencing

Prices for the CashFlow module are as follows:

Number of licencesDiscountPrice
1€ 2,250
57.5%€ 2,081
1010%€ 2,025


Licenses are issued on a per machine basis.

View/download our End User License Agreement here

Office-based set-up

You may download your software onto your office network and users may have access to the software via your in-house intranet as a client-server set-up. Using the Seaxl Import/Export Utility all data by default will be stored on the office server.

Ship-based set-up

Some software modules, such as Master General Account, are designed to be used on board ships, as well as in the office. A separate license is required for each ship that will run the software.

Installation and activation requirements

Once you have purchased your software, you will receive an email containing your license numbers, username and passwords for activation. You will need these and an internet connection to activate your software. The software set-up programme can be downloaded onto any computer, but must be installed and activated on the computer that will run the software.

Download requirements

Please ensure that you have administrator rights to download the software before you begin downloading.


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