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Seaxl Marine Software Masters General Account

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Seaxl Masters General Account (Portage Bill)


Less paperwork and admin for your Masters, better Portage Bills


No more agonising about the “Dreaded Portage Bill”

Seaxl’s Masters General Account makes it quick and simple for your Masters to manage shipboard payroll and other administrative tasks using a consistent methodology, meaning less stress all round.

Greater efficiency on board

Seaxl’s Masters General Account import/export unique utility means your shore-based accounting staff can do all the groundwork for preparing the Master’s account, reducing the administrative burden for the Masters and leaving them more time to get on with running the ship.

Better communication between on-board and shore-based staff

An error-free, clear Portage Bill makes your Masters’ and shore-based staff life much easier. No more time lost checking mistakes, correcting oversights and chasing information back and forth between office and ship.

Easy to set up and use

A great deal of attention has been paid to making Seaxl’s Masters General Account as practical and usable as possible for your Masters and accounting staff. It’s based on Microsoft© Excel©, meaning you won’t need to spend time and money training staff to use new software. Datasheets are presented in shipping industry language and familiar formats your staff will understand.

With Seaxl MGA you can:

  • Give your Masters pre-formatted, protected datasheets to complete
  • Customise payroll with bonuses and wage schemes
  • Deal in multiple currencies with automatic conversion to base currency
  • Use pre-loaded wage scales
  • Ensure Masters complete MGA's with valid data


Opening Balances

Opening balances for your next Master’s account are created automatically as you compile your present account. Simply import opening balances from the compiled files into your new Masters Account. You will be automatically directed to the correct location to select your file.

Masters Summary Report

The Masters Summary Report and all exchange rate calculations are generated automatically from data entered on the data entry Datasheets. This report cannot be modified directly, meaning that discrepancies if any are limited to the already validated Datasheets.

Crew Financial Position

Crew Financial Position at period end is compiled and reconciled automatically and can be viewed in the Pay Currency of each individual Seaman. A suitable summary analysis in the various currencies is provided on the same report.

Accounting Journal Entries and Exchange Differences

For shore based staff compilation of the accounting journal entry is made automatically by the Seaxl Masters General Account. All you need to do is to print out the journal entry. No more currency difference calculations, no more reconciliation, no more corrections and errors.


Payroll is calculated and compiled automatically based on the Wage Scales applicable to the ship and various ranks, as approved and applied by management. Payroll can be viewed in the Pay Currency of each Seaman or in the Reporting Currency. Payroll is laid out to give a clear view of both the detailed wage structures and deductions for each Seaman and for the complete crew complement with all Seamen Signed On and Signed Off during the period.

Wage Scales and Wage Structures

Design your own Wage Scales and Structures ashore and deliver these across to the whole fleet using the unique Seaxl Import/Export Utility. Simply select and apply the relevant Wage Scale to each Seaman and Seaxl Masters General Account compiles Payroll instantly. Similarly for subsequent months just import the Opening Balances and your payroll data at an instant will be ready and waiting.

Why is our software so easy to use?

  • No training needed
    All our software runs on Microsoft© Excel©, so all your staff and Masters can use it out of the box
  • Marine industry standards
    Our software is laid out and written with formats and terminology familiar to anyone working in shipping
  • You can't go wrong
    Data validation checks ensure every data entry is valid; Drop down lists ensure you're selecting valid data
  • Automatic file naming/location
    Files are named and located for you, so you don't waste any time looking for the right file to open
  • Help is always at hand
    Our clear, well-written Help and User Guide is just one click away



Monthly allotments, advances, settlements

Seaxl Marine Management Software : Monthly allotments, advances, settlements

Journal entries for shore-based staff

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Journal entries for shore-based staff

Summary report of crew financial position

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Summary report of crew financial position

Crew List

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Crew List

Saving your data, file naming and location

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Saving your data, file naming and location

Manage overtime

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Manage overtime

Payroll report

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Payroll report

Seamens' Paysheets

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Seamens' Paysheets

Masters General Account Summary Report

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Masters General Account Summary Report

Easy-to-use interface, validation checks prevent errors and data corruption

Seaxl Marine Management Software: Ease of use


What makes Masters General Account different?

Unlike much of the needlessly complicated, impractical and expensive software solutions available to shipping companies today, our software offers a unique combination: it’s well-designed, ultra simple to use, packed with features and very affordable.

After working in the shipping industry for more than 40 years, we understand your needs better than most. Having tested and refined our software in collaboration with shipping companies we’re confident we’ve created products your staff will enjoy using. Once you’ve started using Seaxl software you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Who needs Seaxl Masters General Account?

Seaxl Masters General Account is for any company with ships that need to prepare the Portage Bill and for Manning Agents that need to streamline their services and give Masters a common platform with no steep learning curve and immediate results.

With Seaxl Masters General Account accounting departments that normally experience a multitude of problems reconciling Masters General Accounts and preparing accounting journal entries will see the volume of their work reduce dramatically and the quality of work improve instantly.

How easy is it to learn?

Developed in Microsoft© Excel© your staff will need no training to use Seaxl Masters Account. The interface is specially designed to suit your specific and shipping related needs. With an abundance of drop down lists and pre-loaded libraries data entry is minimal saving you hours of time.

How can I use the Wage Scale and Wage Structure facility to best advantage?

Our software is designed to enable optimal workflow for your company.

For example:

  • Management designs, approves and sets the Wage Structure and Wage Scales for different ranks, nationalities, qualifications, bonus and other schemes and approves and signs off on these.
  • Personnel Officer/s will input these into the available Wage Scale Datasheets in accordance with management instructions. These are now locked and cannot be viewed without authority.
  • Using the Import/Export Utility this package is distributed to the ships across the fleet.
  • The Masters import the data into the Seaxl Masters General Account Program on board. All payroll and relevant reconciliations and accounting journal entries are immediately available. All the Master has to do is select the appropriate Wage Scale for each Seaman and apply the Sign On and Sign Off dates for the specific Portage Bill.

How easy is it to prepare specific reports?

Preparing reports is a matter of a few clicks. Each Datasheet is a specific report pre-designed and laid out in a shipping understandable format. Sort your data to suit your needs, minimise and maximise the size of the report and everything is laid out for you ready for printing. In addition there are many Payroll related reports from the individual Pay Sheet to Payroll Cost Reports laid out by department, rank and wage structure.

Are the formulas and calculations secured?

All formula calculating cells are protected so your payroll and reports remain intact. Your calculations and presentations are based on a consistent, secure Seaxl model.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Office® 2007 to 2010 (32 bit only)

Seaxl version number: 1501

System requirements for running Seaxl MGA v.1501

  • Microsoft© Excel© 2007-2010 (32 bit only)
  • Windows XP or later (recommended Windows® 7 or later)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4MB available disk space
  • Minimum display resolution 1064 x 768 (recommended resolution: 1600 x 900)

Pricing and Licencing

Prices for the Masters General Account module are as follows:

Number of licencesDiscountPrice
1€ 1,750
57.5%€ 1,619
1010%€ 1,575


Licenses are issued on a per machine basis.

View/download our End User License Agreement here

Office-based set-up

You may download your software onto your office network and users may have access to the software via your in-house intranet as a client-server set-up. Using the Seaxl Import/Export Utility all data by default will be stored on the office server.

Ship-based set-up

Some software modules, such as Master General Account, are designed to be used on board ships, as well as in the office. A separate license is required for each ship that will run the software.

Installation and activation requirements

Once you have purchased your software, you will receive an email containing your license numbers, username and passwords for activation. You will need these and an internet connection to activate your software. The software set-up programme can be downloaded onto any computer, but must be installed and activated on the computer that will run the software.

Download requirements

Please ensure that you have administrator rights to download the software before you begin downloading.



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