Detailed history of each ship, from purchase to sale

Record every moment in a ship's history with your company

Seaxl Marine Software The Ship

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Seaxl The Ship

Minutely detailed and easy-to-understand financial history of each ship and your group fleet - from purchase to sale and everything in between


Complete, precise audit trail for accurate accounting transactions

Seaxl The Ship provides a convenient and inexpensive way to build a detailed set of financial records for each ship in your fleet, giving your accounting staff quick access to correct and current information from which to compile their transactions. No more chasing information from different department and using unreliable data.

Automatic calculations to assist staff

Calculation of interim and final depreciation and impairment, factoring in purchase, initial costs, additional post delivery capital costs, sale of the ship.

Calculation of amortisation of the Special and Interim Survey Costs based on the last Class certificate issued and expiry dates and the respective contributions to the daily operating costs.

Get the complete picture before deciding whether to sell a ship

Profit and loss on sale automatically compiled factoring in unamortised special or interim survey costs not yet written off. Combine this with an update from your financial statements of trading profits or losses and you get a complete assessment of the ship, its history and where you stand.

Accurate, at-a-glance overview of your company’s position for powerful decision-making

The automatically created Group Fleet Report presents a precise overview of your fleet’s status ship-by-ship and as a whole, in easy-to-interpret, non-accounting language, making it easy for you to assess the impact of a decision such as sale of a ship in current market conditions.

Easy to use for all departments

Seaxl The Ship is designed to be used by all departments with no special training or installation requirements. Written in Excel, staff will take to it naturally and quickly.

Shipping-specific features

  • Pre-loaded libraries of shipping terminology
  • Pre-formatted datasheets (Initialisation, Intermediate Surveys, Special Surveys, Sale, etc.)

Seaxl The Ship you can:

  • Keep financial records for each ship
  • Calculate profit or loss on sale
  • Factor in survey costs for the complete picture
  • Calculate interim and final depreciation and impairment
  • Calculate amortisation of special and interim surveys


Multiple Datasheets

Seaxl The Ship has many Datasheets covering every aspect of a ship’s history, meaning nothing is left out.

As transactions arise, just update the pre-designed Datasheets from your source documents. Other Datasheets are automatically updated with the new data.

Each Datasheet is a stand-alone report or can be combined with other Datasheets to produce a general report.

Datasheets are pre-formatted for printing.

Just some of the Datasheets included within the Seaxl The Ship Program:

  • Initialisation
  • Sale
  • Intermediate Surveys
  • Vessel Specifications
  • Direct Sale Costs
  • Depreciation
  • Purchase
  • Net Proceeds of Sale
  • Interim Depreciation
  • Initial Expenses
  • Finance
  • Additional Capital Costs
  • Additions Post Purchase
  • Special Surveys
  • Impairment
  • Useful Life Calculations
  • Profit and Loss on Sale

Well laid out and easy-to-read reports

Whether you’re looking at the Group Fleet Reports or the detailed Ship Histories you don’t have to be an accountant to interpret our reports. Anyone in a shipping company will instantly understand them, making them very powerful tools for expert decision-making.

Why is our software so easy to use?

  • No training needed
    All our software runs on Microsoft© Excel©, so all your staff can use it out of the box
  • Marine industry standards
    Our software is laid our and written with formats and terminology familiar to anyone working in shipping
  • You can't go wrong
    Data validation checks ensure every data entry is valid; Drop down lists ensure you're selecting valid data
  • Automatic file naming/location
    Files are named and located for you, so you don't waste any time looking for the right file to open
  • Help is always at hand
    Our clear, well-written Help and User Guide is just one click away



Vessel Purchase

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Vessel Purchase

Vessel Specifications

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Vessel Specifications

Impairment Costs

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Impairment Costs

Intermediate Survey Costs

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Intermediate Survey Costs

Special Survey Costs

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Special Survey Costs


Seaxl Marine Management Software - Depreciation

Profit and Loss

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Profit and Loss

Easy-to-use interface, validation checks to prevent errors and data corruption

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Ease of use


What makes Seaxl The Ship different?

Users of Seaxl The Ship often tell us they wonder how they ever managed without. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, simple to learn and implement and incredibly useful. It provides an efficient and usable system for company-wide financial reporting, which is often overlooked in the busy environment of shipping but brings significant benefits.

Who needs Seaxl The Ship?

Seaxl The Ship gives you the means to prepare detailed, well-presented Management Reports in a timely fashion. It will be major asset to any shipping company that needs to maintain a streamlined reporting system on all its ships together with their history and financial performance, from acquisition to sale.

How easy is it to implement?

It couldn’t be easier. All you need are your Microsoft© Excel© licences and a basic knowledge of how to use the program. Seaxl The Ship will have you up and running in no time.

Are there additional hidden costs?

Absolutely none. This is a major advantage of all Seaxl Marine Software Products. Your existing Microsoft© Excel© licences are all you need to install and run the programs whether ashore or on board the ships. Simply purchase a licence for Seaxl The Ship, download your copy from our website and immediately start implementing the system.

How easy is it to prepare specific reports?

Very easy! Fill in a Datasheets and you’ll have a stand-alone, professionally compiled report giving you a photographic history of events. The programme also compiles various other reports from information entered on Datasheets without having to do any extra work, such as the Group Fleet Report.

Are the formulas and calculations secured?

All calculations are protected to minimise the risk of errors and corrupted formats.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Office® 2007 to 2010 (32 bit only)

Seaxl version number: 1401

System requirements for running Seaxl The Ship v.1401

  • Microsoft© Excel© 2007-2010 (32 bit only)
  • Windows XP or later (recommended Windows® 7 or later)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4MB available disk space
  • Minimum display resolution 1064 x 768 (recommended resolution: 1600 x 900)

Pricing and Licencing

Prices for the Ship module are as follows:

Number of licencesDiscountPrice
1€ 1,250
57.5%€ 1,156
1010%€ 1,125


Licenses are issued on a per machine basis.

View/download our End User License Agreement here

Office-based set-up

You may download your software onto your office network and users may have access to the software via your in-house intranet as a client-server set-up. Using the Seaxl Import/Export Utility all data by default will be stored on the office server.

Ship-based set-up

Some software modules, such as Master General Account, are designed to be used on board ships, as well as in the office. A separate license is required for each ship that will run the software.

Installation and activation requirements

Once you have purchased your software, you will receive an email containing your license numbers, username and passwords for activation. You will need these and an internet connection to activate your software. The software set-up programme can be downloaded onto any computer, but must be installed and activated on the computer that will run the software.

Download requirements

Please ensure that you have administrator rights to download the software before you begin downloading.



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