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Analyse ship performance, control your costs, improve efficiency on your ships

Seaxl Marine Software Ships Budgets

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Seaxl Ships Budgets

Intelligent software to compile consistent and professional fleet budgets with no fuss, minimal workload and immediate results


Control and monitor costs

With Seaxl Ships Budgets you get a clear overview of your company’s OPEX, instant access to each department’s budget, and detailed analysis of costs and performance.

Easy, affordable performance analysis

Seaxl Ships Budgets is perfectly tailored for shipping companies and makes it really simple to analyse performance.

Compare projections against actual results, make judgemental adjustments to any material variances that arise, increase efficiency and control over your departments.

Ready to use, no training needed

Ships Budgets runs on the widely-used Microsoft© Excel© platform, requires no accounting knowledge or specific training to implement and uses shipping industry language and formats.

Technical jobs data, payroll officers, survey costs, consumable stores and much more...

All information relevant to any shipping company's operations is factored in. We make sure you don't leave out any important information.

With Seaxl Ships Budgets you can:

  • Compile ship and fleet budgets
  • Compare performance from ship to ship
  • Set performance targets
  • Compare projected performance against actual results
  • Prepare complete OPEX reports


Technical Jobs Libraries pre-loaded

Seaxl Ships Budgets has a complete Technical Jobs Library with full coding and title headings, which references the EU Study Competitiveness and Benchmarking in the Field of Marine Equipment.

Optimised navigation gives you instant results

Simple switching between Datasheets meaning you can make an entry in any datasheet and see how this affects your overall OPEX budget with just one mouse click.

Pre designed shipping related Datasheets

Pre-designed datasheets to populate budgets with one-click selection.

Just a few examples of our maritime datasheets:

  • Payroll Officers
  • Payroll Ratings
  • Crew Overlap
  • Hull and Machinery
  • P and I
  • Technical Detailed Jobs
  • Consumable Stores (detailed)
  • Lubricants and Chemicals
  • Survey Costs
  • Safety and Quality
  • Operations – Port Costs etc
  • Administration Costs

Why is our software so easy to use?

  • No training needed
    All our software runs on Microsoft© Excel©, so all your staff can use it out of the box
  • Marine industry standards
    Our software is laid out and written with formats and terminology familiar to anyone working in shipping
  • You can't go wrong
    Data validation checks ensure every data entry is valid; Drop down lists ensure you're selecting valid data
  • Automatic file naming/location
    Files are named and located for you, so you don't waste any time looking for the right file to open
  • Help is always at hand
    Our clear, well-written Help and User Guide is just one click away



Enter all your technical jobs with minimal typing

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Technical Detailed Jobs

OPEX Report

Seaxl Marine Management Software - OPEX Report

Personnel Payroll

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Personnel Payroll

Payroll Report

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Payroll Report

Overlap Days

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Overlap Days

Easy-to-use interface, validation checks prevent errors and data corruption

Seaxl Marine Management Software - Ease of use


What makes Seaxl Ships Budgets different?

Having worked in the shipping industry for over 40 years it’s safe to say we know the business in and out.

We understand that budgets are often fragmented across departments, making for difficult to interpret data and do performance analysis. So we’ve designed a tool all your departments can work with easily, to produce consistent, immediate results.

We also know that your staff need software that speaks their language. What’s the point in spending valuable money and time introducing complex systems, which are unpopular with staff and nobody uses?

Using Seaxl Ships Budgets comes naturally to staff in shipping companies. We know because we’ve tested and refined it extensively with them. It is designed to produce dependable and professional budgets quicker and provide more useful features than any of its higher priced competitors.

Who needs Seaxl Ships Budgets?

Anyone who operates ships, be it a single ship or a large fleet, where targets need to be met and costs tightly controlled. Anyone who needs an efficient shipping operation and help meeting their targets in today’s volatile and unpredictable market.

How quickly can I implement Seaxl Ships Budgets and what training does my staff need to run it?

Seaxl Ships Budgets is designed to be as easy to implement and use as possible. It’s developed with Microsoft© Excel© , a tool your staff already know and work with on a daily basis, and will have you up and running in no time. The pre-designed shipping related Datasheets will give you results faster than you imagine.

What additional hidden costs will I have to incur?

None! There are no additional costs! This is a major advantage of all Seaxl Marine Software Products. Your existing Microsoft© Excel© licences are all you need to install and run the programs. Do not allow to be taken in by competitors’ products where you will find additional hidden costs once you start installing their products.

Are the formulas and calculations secured?

Absolutely! All formula calculating areas are well hidden and protected so no one can tamper with the calculations or corrupt data with errors.

Can I delegate the work and segregate duties?

Yes! Delegation and segregation of duties is simple with Seaxl Ships Budgets. All areas of the software have been pre-designed with drop down lists and other facilities to allow users to compile their work with consistency and accuracy across the company. Assistants or individual departments can compile their own budgets taking pressure off senior staff and spreading the work evenly across your team.

System Requirements

Microsoft® Office® 2007 to 2010 (32 bit only)

Seaxl version number: 1401

System requirements for running Seaxl Ships Budgets v.1401

  • Microsoft© Excel© 2007-2010 (32 bit only)
  • Windows XP or later (recommended Windows® 7 or later)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 12MB available disk space
  • Minimum display resolution 1064 x 768 (recommended resolution: 1600 x 900)

Pricing and Licencing

Prices for the Ships Budgets module are as follows:

Number of licencesDiscountPrice
1€ 1,500
57.5%€ 1,387
1010%€ 1,350


Licenses are issued on a per machine basis.

View/download our End User License Agreement here

Office-based set-up

You may download your software onto your office network and users may have access to the software via your in-house intranet as a client-server set-up. Using the Seaxl Import/Export Utility all data by default will be stored on the office server.

Ship-based set-up

Some software modules, such as Master General Account, are designed to be used on board ships, as well as in the office. A separate license is required for each ship that will run the software.

Installation and activation requirements

Once you have purchased your software, you will receive an email containing your license numbers, username and passwords for activation. You will need these and an internet connection to activate your software. The software set-up programme can be downloaded onto any computer, but must be installed and activated on the computer that will run the software.

Download requirements

Please ensure that you have administrator rights to download the software before you begin downloading.



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