Terms of use & Privacy policy of the Website Seaxl.com.

1. The Website Seaxl.com (hereinafter “Website”, “Seaxl.com”, “www.seaxl.com”) is created by Seaxl and is its proprietary and copyrighted intellectual property, in accordance with copyright and intellectual property Laws of Cyprus, as amended and in force, as well as other international treaties signed by Cyprus.

2. Seaxl is the sole copyright owner of the design and content of the present Website and all Software provided by the Website, with the exception of rights of third parties or content added by users. Any copyright infringement will result in liability and possible legal action against the violator, as stipulated by the law.

3. Seaxl offers its Website services under the following Terms of Use, which users are requested to read carefully. The use of the services provided by Website requires full acceptance of terms and conditions listed herein.

4. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Seaxl” (hereinafter “Company”) refers to Seaxl Marine Software Limited, 15 Elision Pedion, 6043, Larnaca, Cyprus.

5. By using this Website or downloading, copying, installing or in any other way using any Software provided by the Website, You accept all the present Terms of Use and agree to comply with its End User License Agreement. The present Terms of Use collectively constitute the sole binding agreement between You and the Company. Your acceptance to using the Website under the present terms and conditions serves as signing a written agreement. If you do not agree with these terms, do not download the software and do not use the site.

6. The Company may at any time amend the Terms of Use – as well as its pricing policy - without prior notice. The modified terms of use shall be posted within the Website. Your continued use of the Website following the modification of the present Terms of Use will be construed as acceptance and agreement to the changes on Your behalf. For this reason You are urged to periodically visit the terms of use webpage and get informed about possible changes. Upon modification, Your continued use of this Website signifies Your acceptance of any and all changes regarding Terms of Use and any and all Website transaction.

7. Some of the services and software available through the Website are available by payment and/or require Your registration by entering information on a specific registration form and the creation of a personal account. Moreover, the services and software may be accompanied by separate End User License Agreements (EULA). In case of conflict between the present Terms of Use and these EULAS, the End User License Agreements shall prevail.

8. Creating an account. The services of Seaxl.com are targeted at entrepreneurs and employees of companies in the shipping industry. To register You must be aged 18 and over and must have legal capacity. During registration You must enter Your and Your company’s true information. It is Your responsibility to keep Your information updated and full. To register an account and access the services of Seaxl.com You are required to submit a valid email address, so that Your account can be activated.

9. Once the registration procedure is completed, You will receive a confirmation of Your password and username at the email address You submitted. You are personally and solely liable for all acts, which take place via Your user account. In case of any unauthorized use or security breach of Your account You have to inform Seaxl.com immediately. You are solely responsible for careful use of Your account and Your proper Log-Out after the end of each use of the Website services. Seaxl.com is not liable for any damage caused to users who fail to comply with the present condition. The Website prohibits the use of usernames such as (indicatively) administrator1, moderator_seaxl etc, which could mislead other users of the Website and could be considered as accounts managed by the Company.In the event of any of the above, the Company reserves the right to inactivate Your account without prior notice.

10. Any order You place electronically via the Website constitutes acceptance on Your behalf of the present terms of sale and is subject thereto. The submission of the registration form in which You have entered Your data is a valid declaration of intent.

To finalize Your order, You are required to complete and submit the special order form, available on the Website. Your order is considered valid when You receive notice at the email You used to place Your order, that Your order has been received. The relevant confirmation email includes all details of Your order. If You find any error, You must notify Seaxl directly thereof at mail@seaxl.com. You may cancel Your order at any stage before payment. Any order, which will not be followed by payment of the ordered product will be considered invalid.

11. The online store seaxl.com enables the user to pay via credit card or through bank deposit. Seaxl.com does not save the credit card information used by customers as all transactions are automatically forwarded to the bank system.

12. Terms of Sale. The present Terms of Sale along with the Terms of Use cover any kind of transaction (product sale or product downloading) between the user of the Website and the Company, via the Website. The acceptance of these terms on Your behalf serves as Your signature in a written agreement.

12.1 The products ordered by the users through the online store seaxl.com are available from the Website for downloading. After You have paid the exact price of the product You ordered, You will receive a license serial number needed for a valid download of the product.

12.2 Refund policy. Company is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods and does not issue refunds once the order is fully accomplished and Software is delivered. As a customer You are solely responsible for understanding this prior to purchasing any Software from Website. However, a refund can take actual place if any of the following circumstance is met and is actually acknowledged by Company's Support Department: Failure to deliver and/or non-functioning activation codes. Download issues concerning abnormal interruption of downloading the Software. Irreparable defects of the product or grave difficulties during the use of the Software.It is hereby explicitly stated that all Software available for purchase at Seaxl Website is thoroughly tested. It is acknowledged that unexpected errors may occur. A refund based on such grounds is upon strict approval by the Company's Support Department.

12.3 Product warranties. Company makes no warranties regarding the safety or accuracy of programs developed by others, such as programs or any software, which is preinstalled on Υour computer and is necessary to run programs of the Company. For these products Υou receive warranties directly from their suppliers / manufacturers and Company disclaims all liability regarding their suitability.Seaxl Marine Software Limited does not provide any guarantee regarding suitability of the products offered for a specific purpose. The responsibility for the product Υou choose for a particular purpose is entirely Yours.

12.4 Place of contract. Larnaca, Cyprus is considered the place of contract for the purposes of the present agreement.

12.5 Time of delivery. After the placement of an order is completed, You will receive a verification at the email address used to register that Your order has been received.

12.6 Price and duration of order. As all transactions take place in real time, the binding price is that under which You made the order. This price applies for the time indicated on the website seaxl.com. Subsequent re-pricing does not affect pending orders. In case of a valid correction of an order by the buyer, the binding price is that which stands at the time of the correction, not the time when the order was placed.

12.7 Termination and abrogation rights. For the right to terminate and abrogate the transaction the provisions of Consumers Protection legislation are applied. In case of termination and/or abrogation You are required to notify seaxl.com in writing at mail@seaxl.com and by telephone at +357 25 03 0277.

12.8 Force Majeure. Seaxl Marine Software Limited is not responsible for delays in performance (including delivery) due to circumstances not attributable to the fault of the company or due to force majeure. In this case the company will be entitled to an extension of the time for delivery. Without limitation such circumstances are: strikes, floods, natural disasters, terrorism or any situation which does not depend on Seaxl Marine Software Limited, such as problems and delays on the part of suppliers to supply their products.

13. Privacy Policy. To serve users’ needs and for marketing purposes only, Seaxl collects customers’ data (such as address and other company information, email address, name of contact person) and machine identity data of Your computer (such as CPU type and speed and hard disk’s serial numbers etc.). The Company fully complies with the Data Protection Laws and regulations of Cyprus and has notified the Commissioner for Personal Data. For the purpose of storing and keeping it, Data is transmitted to non EU countries. Your consent to the present Terms of Use is also considered as consent to this transmission. You may change, delete or update Your Personal Data at Your will at any time by sending an email to mail@seaxl.com.14. Seaxl Marine Software Limited commits itself to protect the personal information You provide, and not to disclose information to third parties. The Website will not sell, rent, swap or authorize any third party to use Your email address or any information that personally identifies You. However, Seaxl Marine Software Limited may disclose Your information to third parties (legal and/or natural entities) under the following conditions: Upon given prior written consent to disclose Your data and information. Legal and natural entities collaborating with Seaxl.com reserve the right to process information You have provided to Seaxl.com only when absolutely necessary for technical or other supporting services of Seaxl.com or for customer service, provided that these third parties fulfil the personal data protection compliance requirements.Furthermore, Seaxl Marine Software Limited commits itself not to use Your email address for sending spam mail. However it reserves the right to send newsletters to its users concerning its services, unless users expressly oppose to this by informing the Website through email at the following address: mail@seaxl.com.

15. Cookies. Seaxl.com may use cookies for Your identification when using some of the services it provides. Cookies are small amount of data sent to Your browser from a web server, which are saved on Your computer’s hard drive disc. They may be used to store or recall some information such as Your password or login information so that You do not need to re-enter this data each time You use our Website. Cookies do not damage Your system and do not in any way affect Your system’s effectiveness. Installed cookies facilitate Your web surfing by saving Your settings. Please, note that Your browser could be configured to accept or reject cookies, or notify You when a cookie is set. However, You must enable cookies from Seaxl.com to use services on the Website.

16. Copyrights and Trademarks. The Website is proprietary and intellectual property of Seaxl Marine Software Limited. The source code, design, layout, database of Seaxl.com as well as all content on the Website or content available through the services (including text, graphics, pictures, designs, video, information, applications, software and other files, their selection and arrangement) are intellectual and proprietary property of Seaxl Marine Software Limited exclusively, all rights reserved.

17. Parts of the content of Website may be copyrighted material belonging to third parties (legal or natural entities), the legal permission of which for use by Seaxl.com has been secured. Infringement of such rights in any manner shall result in liability of the violators, as stipulated by the Law.
18. Indicatively and not restrictively, it is prohibited to copy, edit, modify, publish, distribute in any manner parts or the entire content of the Website, including indicatively, the source code, texts, pictures and database content, as well as the available software programs, without prior written consent of the rightful owners. It is also prohibited to copy, edit, decompile or use in any unauthorized manner Website software or software available through this Website.

19. Logos and trademarks appearing in the Website, including the domain name “seaxl.com”, are Company’s and/or third parties’ (organizations, companies, other beneficiaries etc.) registered trademarks, protected distinctive titles and/or brand names. Such trademarks are protected under the provisions of Cyprus and European law, international conventions and treaties. The use of trademarks and / or brand names and distinctive titles without prior permission of the rightful owners is absolutely prohibited.

20. The content included in third party websites, whose links are contained in Seaxl.com, is subject to the terms of use of the relevant website and users are urged to read them before using these websites.

21. If You add content to Seaxl.com (pictures, video, texts, designs, logos, trademarks etc.), upon acceptance of the present Terms Of Use, You expressly state that You are fully entitled to do so according to proprietary, intellectual property and trademark laws. In the event that the Company is sued or prosecuted or penalized in any manner for copyright infringement concerning content added by You, despite the above mentioned statement, You assume the responsibility a) to intervene in favour of the Company in potential trials or conflicts b) undertake the costs of extra-judicial or judicial proceedings which Company may have undergone. Further Company’s claims against You for caused damages are not excluded.
22. Furthermore, by adding such content You provide the Company the non-exclusive license to publish, forward, distribute and reproduce this content through the Website and You state that You agree to such use, as well as that any use in this manner is a deliberate and conscious exercise of Your moral right. Any use of this content by third parties - users requires the permission of its rightful owners, and, in case they are not named for any reason, the permission of the Company.

23. The Company is not responsible for potential copyright infringements by third parties, nevertheless, Seaxl.com points out the existence of such rights to visitors of the Website as well as the obligation to seek permission from the rightful owners or the site for using any content.24. Software licenses. All software and applications available through the Website (Invest in Ships, CashFlow, Ships Budgets, Masters General Account, Company Secretary, The Ship) are proprietary and intellectual property of Seaxl Marine Software Limited exclusively. These software programs are available only when accompanied by the relevant End User License Agreements. The use of these programs implies unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions included in the End User License Agreements. You agree not to copy, alter, modify, publish, further distribute, re-sell, or edit any of these software programs. Such actions are strictly prohibited, unless the accompanying Licenses provide otherwise.
25. The Software You order through the online store Seaxl.com is available from the Website Seaxl.com for downloading. After you have paid the exact price of the product you ordered, you will receive at Your email a license serial number, necessary for a valid download of the product. As long as You comply with the present Terms of Sale, Seaxl grants You a non-exclusive right to download, install and use a single copy of the Software, provided that You have also acquired a license serial number from Seaxl for that single copy of the Software. You agree to use the Software in accordance with the End User License Agreement, which accompanies the Software.
26. Hyperlinks. The Website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties ("Third Party websites"). Such links towards third party websites can in no way be construed as advertisement, nor are such links displayed for advertising purposes. Moreover, advertisements of third parties may be included in the Website, of registered or non-registered enterprises, commercial or other. The registered users understand and agree that the content of such advertisements is an exclusive right of the Website and it is at the Company’s sole discretion to include such advertisements in the content of the Website or not.

27. The Website makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of Third Party links or their constant or temporary function. The number of links to Third Party websites included in the content of Seaxl.com is indicative and not restrictive. The Website reserves the right to add or remove external links to Third Party websites at any given moment and with no prior notice. Company has no legal obligation to include particular links within its content.

28. Seaxl.com does not provide, nor promises to provide or facilitate access to Third Party websites, whose links are included in Seaxl.com and which require subscription or registration of users to access their services. Furthermore, any reference to third party Websites cannot be construed as suggestion or exhortation to register or pay subscription fees to these websites.

29. By using Seaxl.com You understand and agree that Company does not control and is no manner responsible for the content of Hyperlinks included in the Website, their services/products, advertisements, availability, price and pricing of products, the pricing policy of companies they suggest. Company is also not responsible for any financial or other damage You suffer if You visit these websites via hyperlinks included in Seaxl.com. Follow hyperlinks at Your own risk and initiative.

30. Disclaimer of Warranty. The content of Seaxl.com is provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular use. The content, information, Software/services included in the Website should under no circumstances be construed as valid information, advice or exhortation for a particular action. Furthermore, information and technical solutions provided by the Website are not in any way exclusive or unique concerning any subject.Seaxl Marine Software Limited offers no explicit warranties that the webpages, services, functions, features, menu options and content will be offered uninterrupted, error free and that errors will be corrected. Also, the Company does not guarantee that the Website or any other affiliate site or the servers, through which they made available to users, are free of viruses or other harmful components.Seaxl Marine Software Limited expressly disclaims any responsibility for the Software available from the Website for downloading. Use this Software and services of the Website at Your own risk and responsibility, understanding and accepting that their use may cause data loss or damage of any kind to You or Your computer.Given the nature and plethora of information available on the Internet, the Company is not, under any circumstances, including negligence, responsible for any kind of damage caused to the user of web services, applications, options and content of Website, the use of which is at the initiative of each user individually.Seaxl Marine Software Limited is unable to verify the accuracy of information published by users or third parties and assumes no liability whatsoever for any errors and / or misleading statements of users. The responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, adequacy, legitimacy and fitness for purpose of the content of links, including advertisements, in any way they may appear, belongs to the Websites / companies that provide this content.Any views published reflect the views of those who have requested the publication and not the views of the Company.You visit Seaxl.com at Your own initiative and assume all responsibility.In some countries some/all of the aforementioned disclaimers are invalid according to contradictory state laws. For this reason above-mentioned restrictions are subject to the requirements of the laws of Your country and their application or non-application in Your case depends on the applicable provisions of customer country law.

31. Limitation of Liability. By accepting the present Terms Of Use You acknowledge and agree not to raise any claims against the Company, its directors or its representatives, arising from or related to any direct or indirect damage imposed on You from Your use of the Website, its services or programs it provides, including the case of negligence. This restriction does not apply to any case of gross negligence or intended harm.Even in the case of proven damage, ordered compensation and/or pecuniary compensation for moral damage sustained by the claimant, the total amount of monetary compensation shall in no event exceed the amount the damaged party paid for the services provided from Seaxl.com when purchasing the particular product.

32. Damage Compensation. The user of Seaxl.com is liable towards the Company and its associates, for any damage caused as a result of illegal or harmful use of his account, as well as for the illicit use of the services provided by Seaxl.com or any use in a manner that does not comply with the present terms and conditions.

33. Succession. The Company may at any time suspend the operation of the Website or provide its content under a different domain name. In case of partial or total succession of the Company, the successor is bound by all rights and obligations included in the present terms.

34. Applicable Law and other terms. The present terms and conditions of use of Seaxl.com, as well as any subsequent modification thereof, are governed and complemented by Cypriot law, EU law and all relevant international treaties, signed by the country. By accepting these terms of use You accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Cyprus.

35. All the above mentioned terms and conditions are stipulated as essential. Any provision of these terms that becomes illicit, shall automatically lapse and shall be removed from the present agreement, without prejudice to the validity of other conditions.

36. The present Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between Company and the user of its services and is binding for these two parties only.No amendment of these terms will be taken into consideration and become a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it. For any dispute arising between Company and any user an effort for an out-of-court settlement and compromise is required.If You do not agree to the present Terms of Use You should not proceed to using the services of Seaxl.com. 


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